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Westercon, Part 3, Eh?

Much to my surprise, I awoke Sunday around 10am, having gotten something resembling eight hours of sleep. I had problems with the hotel's high-speed network as I tried to get directions to Costco and such. We figured we'd hit a Walmart IFF it was en route.

Rick, justeps, and I had dim sum for lunch. Unlike what we're used to, they had a steam tray from which you collected bamboo steamers filled with the goodies of your choice. The variety was small, so we wound up having lots of har gow. Later the carts came around with more variety -- after we'd filled up. It was good, though. After that justeps went off to work on the masquerade and Rick and I fetched his car and went shopping.

First we hit Safeway and ordered the cake. I'd hoped for a red cake (or at least red-iced cake) with white decoration, but we had to opt for the opposite. Still, it worked. Next it was a trip to Costco, where en route we saw a few signs that cracked us both up:

The Brick - Mattresses For Less

We couldn't find a convenient Walmart, so I was stuck buying my meds at a mall we found next to Costco in a store called Zeller's that reminded us of Target. We also picked up some white chocolate mints, striped mints, and strawberry licorice vines.

En route we saw a store called Co-op. It looked like a place that would have bargains. There we bought meatballs (on sale), Classico tomato basil pasta sauce (good stuff, and it was on sale!), and I forget what else. Next we went to Safeway for the cake, ranch dip for the miniature tomatoes, more cyclamates, the Reactine (aka Zyrtec -- on sale), and anything else we needed for the party. Then it was back to the hotel.

Rick parked and went to dinner with Tess while I washed the strawberries, then dipped as many as I could in the white chocolate in a double-boiler I'd fashioned in my hotel room from an electric frying pan and a metal bowl.

After I finished dipping the strawberries and cleaning up my setup I started bringing things down to the function room the con had given me for the party. We had on loan from the San Diego Westercon a knife and some cool-looking white lights and some red streamer paper. The green tape (they were out of the blue stuff, which is just as well, as it'd have violated the party theme) didn't hold up the streamer tape well, but we managed to decorate the room anyway. I started up the meatballs, which were all gone before midnight. The berries, tomatoes (with ranch dip), and cheese were moderately popular; the white corn tortillas and red salsa were barely touched. We lit candles, blew them out together in one fell swoop (two former filk con chairs full of hot air :-) ), and cut the cake. There was a lot of cake left over.

Around 1am we decided to shut down and clean up, especially since I had to catch a 10am shuttle to the airport. I went back to my room, did most of my packing, then crashed.

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