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Winter on My System

Words and music Copyright © 1998, 2001, Lynn Gold

It's late December; late at night
The daemons are asleep
My personal computer whirrs
With nary but a peep
All my packets are arriving
There are strings in my source trees
And as I try to use my fork my
Backgrounds begin to freeze

'Cause it's winter on my system
All my processes are frozen
Every job's been hung with care
And nothing's going anywhere
Yes, it's winter on my system
And my pipes don't want to flow
And worst of all, my monitor's got
Nothing but snow!

It's late December; late at night
And all throughout the house
You can't hear any features stir
No clicking of a mouse
There are JPEGs of a fireplace
Bearing GIFs both large and small
And I'm not getting very much of
Anything done at all!

'Cause it's winter on my system
All my processes are frozen
Every job's been hung with care
And nothing's going anywhere
Yes, it's winter on my system
And my pipes don't want to flow
And worst of all, my monitor's got
Nothing but snow!

Snow crash!

I got nothing done at work Friday. Netscape hung, so I went to kill the fork, typed in the wrong process number, and somehow my whole system blew me off and wouldn't let me get back on. It seemed like Information Services was having a party in my undersized cubicle. They worked overtime and still couldn't get it to work. All we were able to confirm is it wasn't my .cshrc file or my system. Although neither I nor root could log into my system, IS's root account could. I couldn't get onto my office-mate's system either, and for a while I couldn't get into the system where I read e-mail. The IS guys wanted to work with me the next week, but since I'm not to come in, I can't work with them. I also had to stay beyond the 40 hours I'd written on my timecard, so I'll charge Cadence for them later.

Even the PowerBook at home has been flaky lately. I've had this system for over two years and haven't yet named it. OTOH, I never named the G3 Minitower in the computer room. Their drives are just called "Macintosh HD" and "Macintosh HD1" so I can tell them apart on my home-grown Appletalk network. It keeps crashing at odd times. I think there's a fan that's supposed to kick in that isn't kicking in. Apple keeps trying to blame the memory chips. Ha! Maybe naming it would help. I dunno....

Winter in the SF Bay Area is a joke compared to winter in the northeast. New Jersey had "sort of" winters. Some were nearly snowless, which kind of sucked as a kid. Icy cold rain, like the kind they get there, really sucks. Freezing rain looks pretty on the trees but can be deadly when the branches snap off and take power lines down.

Out here we get cold but not icy cold rain. We get intermittent periods of sunshine. Typical temperatures are closer to east coast Autumn or late east coast Winter. It cracks me up when the "natives" (the folks who grew up here) call 60F "cold" when I think of it as "chilly." That kind of temperature is cold for indoors, but not for outdoors.

Unlike the "natives," I despise rain. I don't care how much we need it; I don't have to like being in it. I met my friends Bruce, Shirl, Diana, and Kristin for brunch and then went mall-walking at the Great Mall of the Bay Area, the largest mall around here. I spent money on a few things, including a cleaner that's working very well on my carpet, and a couple of self-improvement items.

I am feeling really crappy tonight and I'm not totally sure why. It could be the (drizzly) weather. It could be the fact that right now I'm not bringing in enough money to live on. I've got stock. I'd prefer not to sell it, but I'm going to have to (sniff).

I hate being home alone without Fuzzball. Diana leaves for Oregon tomorrow and gets back 1.5 days before I have to go back to work. Warren is going to want to clean. I'm going to want to rest and move in. I usually look forward to the annual "orphans' dinner" a bunch of us have at a local Indian restaurant, but Fred and Robin aren't going to be in Pittsburgh this year, so they're having an open house that day. That would be cool, but Warren's parents have invited me over for dinner, so...I'm going to Warren's parents' house. The only thing that could change that is for his brother to show up. A strong part of me wishes he would so we could have a nice, romantic dinner somewhere instead of his parents staring at me as I eat alone after my shift because they all ate while I was working at the radio station.

New Year's Eve is coming up. I don't know how much I want to dress up for the parties I'm hitting. One is going to be on the casual side, while the other varies from casual to very dressy. It's one of the few days my crowd dresses up at all, so those of us who like to do. I have been feeling extra ugly lately because my weight is so high. I'm dieting, and I'm sure that's not helping my blood sugar levels (or my mood) either. I'm also in PMS mode; yet another reason to feel like crud.

This is the first winter without Fuzzball in 16 years. She was such an important part of my life. I was looking at Bichon Frise calendars. I always get one, and was deciding which of four to buy. I almost broke down crying and instead left the store. I should be doing stuff around the house right now, but instead all I can do is cry.

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