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For the curious...

I'd say I neither killed nor bombed. In other words, the Tonight Show won't be booking me anytime soon, but OTOH, I did get laughs.

Oddly enough, the biggest laughs seemed to be when I would drop into what I call "traffic reporter cadence." The best way to describe it is that there is a way people talk when they're doing traffic on the radio exclusive to that kind of reporting. The MC kept asking folks how traffic was. I said, "if he'd have asked me, I'd have told him [sliding into "traffic reporter deliver mode"] I found myself moving well coming up along northbound 101, hit a snag around highway 92, then continued at the limit up the peninsula, through Hospital Curve, onto the eastbound skyway and into downtown San Francisco." That had the audience howling.

The rest of the stuff got okay laughs, but today I learned I need to watch so I don't sound over prepared.

More later...must sleep so I can get to work tomorrow at 5am.

If you're in the SF Bay Area and want to see the next installment of this "impending train wreck," it's at the SFCC Clubhouse, 414 Mason #705 (at Geary -- the "Native Sons Building"), in San Francisco. The open mike showcase is Saturday nights starting at 6pm.

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