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The last week

A lot has gone on.

Warren missed a neurosurgery appointment. He thought it was tomorrow; it was yesterday.

I got a year older Thursday. Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday. I spent it driving with my friend Ruth Anne to Westercon, picking up a free dessert at Harris Ranch. Later that day I skipped the Bruce Pelz memorial LASFS meeting (do they really want to do someone's birthday auction on the same day as a memorial?) because I hadn't had dinner. Ate dinner, and got a free dessert. Parties were sparse, and I was tired.

Finished the MIDI file for "Poetry's Greatest Hits: Volume II" and prepared to do it. Had to work off computer for lyrics because my portable printer flaked. Was two minutes late to my own concert (the first of the con) because I had to wait over 15 minutes for the elevator. Got laughs. Folks were doubling over laughing; one nearly fell out of her chair. Did not try to hit the con suite after, as I had ten minutes between concert end and my panel and didn't want to risk a trip to the penthouse.

My concert had technical difficulties. Gerry's equipment failed this time, causing the sound from the computer to drop out mid concert. (I'd tested the computer before, so I knew it was okay.) I did costume changes and choreography. I think there were eight people in the audience. Folks had to work that day, and the con was sparsely attended for an LA Westercon.

After the panel I made my first run through the dealers' room, looked around, chatted, and bought an inexpensive piece of jewelry from my friend Spring. All the dealers noticed the lack of traffic in the room. I'd promised myself I'd buy the Three Weird Sisters CD (I haven't bought CDs in over a year; that's how long it's been since I've had a regular job). The hard part was with two filk dealers, deciding who to buy from. (In the end I wound up buying it from DAG because Eric Gerds is sans job and the Creaseys have theirs.)

Ran into lots of LJ folks there, including nolly, mannoftalent, johno, chriso, mdlbear, chaoswolf, misdev, and one or two others I'm blanking on.

We noticed the graying of fandom. The filking died at midnight Friday, and the parties were shutting down around 1am-2am. Usually you could count on at least one party running till dawn, but not this time.

I wound up chauffeuring folks because out-of-towners had in-and-out privs in the garage, but locals commuting the con didn't. We piled six folks into my five-seater Accord for a Thai food run Friday night, giggling all the way.

Saturday I ate birthday cake (chaoswolf's) on an empty stomach, then tried performing at the Larry niven circle. Big mistake. I went into insulin shock on stage and totally blanked out. I mean totally. I was both horrified and horribly embarassed. If nobody ever let me on a stage again after that I wouldn't blame them.

People kept asking me about the filk program at ConJose. I kept telling them to ask cadhla, as I am totally in the dark about it, and instead to ask me about the Local Resources Guide, which I do know something about.

(As an aside, it rather hurts that outside-of-area folks have been asked advice about how to run the filk program but none of the local experts who've done Consonance and other cons for years have been consulted. It makes me feel like I'm worthless and frequently brings me to tears. I keep wondering whether I suck that bad or I've pissed someone off that bad and wish I knew which it was and who hates me so much...sigh.)

The air at the hotel was extra clammy. I had to shower multiple times a day. I wound up snarfing extra showercaps from the hotel maid cart.

I caught up on lots of gossip and lots of personal news. Seems the economy is screwing over a lot of my friends. I also met some new folks and learned new things about old friends. Somewhere in there I made up my mind that I was going to ConChord, come hell or highwater. I need my LA fix. (I also want a bigger audience, which means not competing with folks' jobs.)

I made it to the filk room Saturday night. I had folks in stitches again. Barry Gold (no relation) was nearly on the floor. Banged out a short piece called "Perry the Paramecium" while I was down there.

The con died early Sunday. Ruth Anne and I had hoped to catch our friend Edjik on the way back, but we couldn't get ahold of him. Nine hours or so after we left we got to my house.

Monday and Tuesday I worked mostly from home. I stopped in to the office both days. I learned the hard way that contractors don't get their birthdays acknowledged. I also helped Warren help dimakoi finish moving out of her apartment and went to my first BASFA meeting in months. It was too hot for a meeting, so we adjourned early. Half of us migrated to Baskin-Robbins.

Right now my legs itch like hell. I wish I knew how to make the itching stop (Lanacaine isn't doing it). I'm also dealing with post-con blues.

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