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A stupid question that needs answering

Ganked from kayshapero who ganked it from ataniell93, who ganked it from somewhere else....

FEMA is now taking a national petition to see how many Americans want to allow hurricane survivors to be allowed to take their pets with them as they evacuate or pet rescue agencies to be allowed to come into ravaged areas and rescue pets. The number is 1-202-646-2763. Everyone call this number and let them know that all life is valuable. When you have done calling, let everyone you know know about this number. Even as I type, the ASPCA is readying a truck convoy to head for New Orleans and the thousands of animals dying there. It's coming down as something of a paramilitary operation. Again, please call FEMA. 1-202-646-2763. Besides donating to any of the charitable organizations out there, this is one of the more important things we can do.

msminlr tried calling and didn't even get an answering machine and recommends waiting till business hours Monday to try.

To me this is a no-brainer. Who wouldn't want to allow folks to evacuate their non-human family members? If I had to evacuate, Lady would be the first "thing" to go into the car (her "doggie Dramamine" would be second, followed by supplies).
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