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Holy Low Blood Sugar, Batman!

After responding to JohnO's entry about his physical I realized I might be depressed because my own blood sugar might be low. I tested it; it came up at 11. ("Normal" is around 75.) I did a second test; it came up at 19.

I ran out and got some tofu and black bean sauce. I adore black bean sauce, and it was on sale. This was, as Martha Stewart would put it, "A Good Thing." I am feeling much better. My blood sugar still hasn't risen significantly, though. I think I need to get more test strips.

What I don't understand is why companies give such cutesy names for lancets. A lancet is this nasty thing you use to jab your fingertip to draw blood for the blood sugar test. Companies sell "lancet pens" that consist of a lancet and a spring-loaded pen that supposedly jabs your finger "just the right amount" to draw the right amount of blood.

Typical names for lancet pens include "Soft Touch" and "Gentle Whisper." I wish they'd be honest and name them things like "Jabs You and Hurts Like Hell" or "Draws Blood Real Good" (if it does) or "GOTCHA!" I feel for Type I diabetics who have to stick themselves with needles to inject insulin in addition to the repeated blood tests. Yeeouch.

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