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I itch. Boy do I itch.

I have had itchy legs for the last week or so. Sometimes my legs itch when hairs are growing back in, so I tried shaving. Usually this relieves the itch, but this time it didn't.

Sometimes lotions relieve the itch, such as when it's caused by my legs having dry skin. Lotion did not relieve the itch, nor did moisturizing skin cleaners. I even tried a cocoa butter stick with only marginal success.

I figured it must be the hairs, so I tried using depilatory. I bought that "Epil-Stop" spray and used it. It felt great. My skin felt nice and tingly all over. No more itching. It wasn't particularly good at removing my hairs, but my legs felt tingly instead of itchy. They were also bright red, but I figured this would pass.

Famous last words.

My legs now have a rash of some kind, or perhaps it's a bad first-degree burn from the depilatory chemicals. Parts of my legs clearly do have some kind of rash. I'm suspecting my eczema flared up and the depilatory aggravated it.

I've tried benadryl gel. I've tried lidocaine gel. I've tried Lanacaine. I've tried cortisone salve. All of these are slightly helping, but I now have clammy legs that still itch.

I tried calling Palo Alto Medical Clinic for a dermatology appointment, but they had no openings and told me to call back tomorrow morning.

Some of the worst itching is where my skin doesn't look at all abnormal. I can't figure this out. I haven't done anything weird with my diet. The itching is mostly in my legs, although now it's getting so severe other parts of me are starting to itch in sympathy.

I just took some benadryl to help me sleep. I hope it works.

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