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The continuing adventures of Lynn

When last we saw our intrepid heroine, she was about to head to San Francisco for a comedy convention.

I didn't get to the convention Friday. Between having to wait for Warren to wake up to get my car towed and to get him onto the rental car agreement and my costochondritis flaring up I was in no shape to push myself to go to SF that night. Instead, we ate dinner near the AAA and car rental places, then found a really cool scientific shop that sold plush microbes. I couldn't resist the mononucleosis and black plague dolls.

I went home and went to bed early. This turned out to be a good move, as I had way more energy than usual Saturday for both jobs. I also had way more coffee than usual -- four cups of it -- to keep going. Traffic was so horrid getting from the east bay to SF it took me over an hour to get there. I almost didn't get to do standup, but at the last minute Kurtis let me have five minutes in the competition. I didn't place, but OTOH I don't know whether the judges even had my name anyway. I did get laughs.

Next was the all-star show. One of the guys from LA paid for me to be able to see it. It featured Joy Gohring, Tony Vicich, Joanie Fagan, and Eddie Brill. I would have been willing to pay more than double for that show even with my finances!

The finals of the competition were next, but I was barely upright and barely made it home.

The next day I shlepped back up to SF, found a garage in which to place the car (all the street parking had temporary "do not park" signs...I found out why later), then attended workshops by Joy, Joanie, and SFCC's Sammy Wegent. Joy made suggestions on how to expand our acts into one-person shows, and Joanie talked about the LA comedy scene and her experiences with shopping a sitcom around. Sammy taught improv techniques for standup comedians.

I left really charged up and ready to kick butt...after I caught up on my sleep.

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