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Ten Inconsistencies About Me

  1. I'm an omnivore, yet I like to be as disconnected as possible from the source of my dead animal protein. I prefer to think of meat as coming from styrofoam packages covered with plastic wrap in the supermarket. I have problems eating something that looks like it actually lived. I don't have problems eating fresh lobster because they don't come that color in nature, but I can't deal with being directly responsible for its death.

  2. I will compliment someone on their piercings and tattoos because I know it makes them feel better about themself even though the piercing or tattoo really grosses me out. I'm traditional Jewish on this one; no body mods for me. I don't differentiate between a pierced ear and a pierced navel. Sometimes pierced ears even squick me out.

  3. I try to observe the Sabbath by not working on Saturdays (or at least giving myself some kind of rest day, unless I'm desparate for the money), but I don't do the Sabbath rituals. I have candle holders, but I'm terrified I'll burn down my house. I also always felt funny about doing it because we never did it when I was growing up. I also don't belong to a synagogue; they're costly out here, and I generally find myself feeling out of place at all but High Holy Day services.

  4. I like performing, yet I don't always like watching. Sometimes I get restless due to no fault of the performer and just have to get out of the room and walk around. I don't know why I'm that way; perhaps it's from having grown up in front of a TV set (and not by choice).

  5. I'll accept pretty much anyone, but I expect the same from them. It's the expect part that's inconsistent. I've had a few cases over the years where someone has decided that, for whatever reason, they don't like me whereas I don't see how they can make such a judgement when, IMHO, neither of us has enough data points to make such a judgement. This kind of thing really infuriates me, and I don't know how to deal with it.

  6. I am chair of a con, yet I totally suck at dealing with fannish politics. I'm not a politician; I have always sucked at being manipulative and at kissing ass. When I do a job, it's to get the job done. I just wish I knew how to get what I wanted while avoiding politics.

  7. I prefer UNIX as an OS, yet I don't own a Linux box. I can't justify it because I have yet to find the kinds of software I like running on a Mac or Windoze for Linux. When Adobe finally releases a commercial (and affordable) version of FrameMaker for Linux, I'll be able to justify it.

  8. I don't believe in preaching, yet I can get pretty evangelical when someone who writes professionally uses bad grammar. I write for a living. When I have to read copy at the radio station where someone doesn't know the difference between "it's" and "its" or "you're" and "your," I insist on correcting it even though it doesn't affect the way the copy sounds on the radio.

  9. My family is full of bald guys, yet I insist my boyfriend have a full head of hair. Okay, that's snooty and politically incorrect. I admit it. (Yes, Warren's got a full gorgeos head of gorgeous naturally curly hair.)

  10. I care about the environment, yet I don't live an "environmentalist" lifestyle. Two of my favorite woods are rosewood and teak, both of which are endangered by overharvesting of the rainforests. I also usually drive to my day job even though I could easily walk or bicycle.

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