Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
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Soundtrack meme

This meme shamelessly stolen from pocketnaomi and ladymondegreen....

Name a song that...

...reminds you of an ex.

The theme music from the Japanese animation cartoon "Urusei Yatsura" because my ex-husband used to loop the laserdisc of it non-stop all day. Ugh. Bletch. Even worse, he wanted me to sound like Lum.

...makes you cry.

Hmmm...I don't like songs to make me cry, so I avoid them and try to forget them; thus, I can't think of any, although there are a few.

...reminds you of high school.

"Get Down Tonight" by K.C. and the Sunshine Band. I have images of beer parties where my classmates would get drunk and suddenly think I was okay. Then we'd stand around in a circle doing the "bump" to that song, doing deep knee bends to get "down" on the words "Get down tonight."

...reminds you of childhood.

"Don't Let the Rain Come Down" by the Serendipity Singers" because they used to play it on the radio when I was being driven home from nursery school.

...reminds you of junior high.

I'd like to forget junior high, but that's another matter. Since it's in the meme, I'd say "Joy to the World" by Three Dog Night. We used to filk it to "Señora Vasquez is a bullfrog/She's no friend of mine/I never understand a single word she says/But I always hear her fine/And I wish she weren't a teacher of mine..."

...mirrors true life a little too closely.

Hmmm...I can't think of anything that mirrors my life closely other than the stuff I've written. My life is way too strange to be like anybody else's.

...makes you laugh.

Hey, I collect that kind of stuff. Right now I'd say the stuff that makes me belly-laugh are songs by "Throwing Toasters" and "Henry Phillips." Other stuff makes me laugh on the inside.

...will always get you up to dance.

What my friend Marian used to call "reject dances." They're the ones they do at weddings and bar mitzvahs where you don't need a partner, such as the Hora, Macarena, Electric Slide, Bunny Hop, Alley Cat, and Hokey Pokey. used to hate but now love.

"Lies" by Stan Rogers as done by Windbourne. The song put me off because it's so sexist in terms of the roles the couple takes. I mean, the woman has a horribly dreary life if she lives it around what her husband thinks of her. What turned it around for me? At one Westercon they started singing it at 11:58pm on July 3rd; by the time they were done I was no longer 29 (I kid you not!). I don't think they ever forgot that one. The line "She'd pass for 29, but for her eyes" was almost true; in my case it was, "She'd pass for 29 but for her age." :-) (We thought it was funny!) love but wouldn't know about if it wasn't for a friend.

John and Mary Creasey introduced me to "Manly Men" by Greg Keeler at a ConChord when John did it in the TTTR. The song was even funnier to me when my voice teacher gave us a vocal exercise to do that was very similar to the chorus of that song. like from your parents' record collection.

What record collection? If you count the stuff Dad took from when we lived with his parents, it's a no-brainer: "My Son, The Folk Singer" by Allan Sherman. Hands down. If you mean from Dad's 8-tracks in his office, "Barbra Streisand: Live at Central Park."

...makes you think of sex.

"She's Come Undone" by the Guess Who. It comes from one of those moments where the radio mirrored life a little too closely for comfort. :-) your anthem.

A song I wrote called "Nobody Else But Me." I of course chase it with the sick alternative lyrics so nobody gets too gooey during my performance. :-) your ultimate love song?

"I Would Walk With You" by Cindy McQuillan. This song sometimes moves me to tears because my ex-husband had a habit of walking ahead of me because he thought it was a way to force me to show deference. When we were in Japan our tourguides corrected him. "You do not walk ahead of your wife; you walk with her." When I heard Cindy sing that song, to me that meant "love."

If I ever get married I've already asked Jane and Cindy to perform that at my wedding as my processional.

...reminds you of something nasty?

"Even Now" by Barry Manilow. I'd rather not say why. It's not the lyrics of the song, but what was being done to me by my ex-boyfriend during its playing.

...reminds you of a breakup?

"Hurts So Bad" by Little Anthony and the Imperials. I'd just broken up with a long-time boyfriend, and in the midst of it was working at the Santa Clara County Fair for the radio station. During a break I walked around to see the fair and came across Little Anthony singing it. With my media pass I was able to get a whopping eight feet away from him as he sang to the crowd. The lyrics hit extra hard because of my situation, but seeing Little Anthony made up for it.

...makes you think of your friends?

"Poisoning Pigeons in the Park" by Tom Lehrer. When I held a housewarming years ago we put that on the stereo and all my friends from the various parts of my life sang along. held between you and a specific friend?

"I Feel Good (I've Got You)" by James Brown between my friend Edjik and me. We'd just come back from the Le Grande Gourmet Food Festival feeling very "good" after having satiated ourselves on really good (and free) food and wine, and after Edjik had scored us a free pass to get back in the next day. We showed up at our friend Brette's place to tell him about it, singing that song on the tops of our collective lungs (and we were pretty loud!). Brette wasn't home, so we kept singing it for about half an hour until we gave up on him.

...would be your choice for the national anthem?

"America the Beautiful," although I think we could do even better. The one we've got is rather ucky, IMHO.

...would be your choice for the planetary anthem?

"Cool Green Hills of Earth" by Robert Heinlein as set by Mark Bernstein. It had been intended as such and fits it rather well.

...that you can't sing because you're crying?

I came awful close during "(Like a) Worn-Out Pair of Shoes" at Consonance last year. I wrote it right after a nasty breakup, and the [nasty euphemism deleted so I don't lose my LJ account] that slept behind my back with the boyfriend I'd broken up with was in the audience and being rather vocal.

...that you can't sing because you're laughing too hard?

I couldn't get through a few bars of the duet "Longer" I did with Harry Smothers the first time we did it at Musicon years ago. His filk is funny enough; it was what I did during the bridge of the song that brought the house down. Suffice it to say if I ever find the lyrics and have a full-blown sinus infection during a ConChord I'm doing it during the TTTR.

...that you can't sing because you can't pronounce?

"The Pride of Chanur" by Leslie Fish. I can't roll an "R" that long.

... that makes you want to go off to war?

"March of Cambredth" by Heather Alexander -- as long as I check my brain at the door. In reality music doesn't motivate me to kill.

...that makes you want to stop a war? Any war?

"99 Luftballons" by Nena. The imagery is frightening.

...that changed your life in some pragmatic way?

"Looking for Yourself" by Cindy McQuillan. It didn't hit me when I heard it on "This Heavy Heart," but when I heard her do it as a solo piece in concert I paid more attention to the lyrics, and they hit.

...that you gave someone else and it took root there?

I've turned more than a few folks onto Allan Sherman and Tom Lehrer.

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