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KLIV Xmas Eve Traffic and Weather, 2001

It’s the night before Christmas in Silicon Valley
And on Highway 17, no one does dally
On Southbound San Tomas at Williams, a crash
Where someone was injured while making their dash
No chains are required on 50 or 80
Cause in the Sierras, just ice will await ye
Take care, says the C-H-P, as you explore
Cause the same holds for 88, 108, 4
The three major airports have spaces, we hear,
In long-term and short-term lots so far this year
The forecast this eve has a slight chance of rains
Expect them towards morning on hills and on plains
The overnight lows will go down in the 40s
And as for your Christmas, according to author’ties
Tomorrow will be mostly cloudy, they say
With a slight chance of light showers thoughout the day
With middle to upper end 50s for highs
You now have a forecast to try on for size
It’s 46 degrees as we near Christmas Day
On 1590, K-L-I-V, San Jose!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good (giga-)byte!

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