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Driving into the Fire

Well, actually 100+F heat today. Warren's appointment with the neurosurgeon in Sacramento is this afternoon. Sacto is about four hours from home despite what Mapquest says; I used to have to drive Fuzzball almost that far for her neurology appointments in Davis, which is on the way, and it took that long.

Warren is nervous. So am I. I'm expecting him to get turned down again, which of course will bring him down. Grrr. This is soooo stupid. The lawyer-friend we spoke to says he has to jump through his HMO's hoops (for locals, he's got Kaiser) before he can a) go outside the plan and b) sue to have his HMO cover the surgery.

Yesterday he learned his HMO had lost his MRIs. The originals, thankfully, were in a computer file in Santa Clara. Unfortunately, Warren was in Redwood City (about 40 minutes by car in good traffic, and this was in the throes of rush hour). I drove him to Santa Clara so we'd be a car pool, and he picked up a new set (he has to hand-carry them). While there I asked about obtaining a copy of the computer file; they said, "We don't do that." Grrr. It'd be nice to have the disk file so we could have doctors elsewhere in the country and world look at his MRIs. We both think it's kind of suspicious the HMO lost them; they lost the set from ten years ago, too.

Folks from the HMO keep telling him, "there's no conspiracy going on here" when he never accuses them of having one. It's kind of like Richard Nixon saying, "I am not a crook" or Bill Clinton saying, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." Right. I smell fish, and in this case it feels like the HMO is wiggling it under our noses.

Unfortunately, he's not on my health plan and can't get on it right now.

I wish I could do something to magically get him set up to get the surgery he needs so badly.

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