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Colonscopy done

They found internal hemorrhoids, but not much else of interest (I have these lovely photos....).

Now that the colon exam is over, the phosphate thing they had me drink to clean out my intestines is finally working. Ugh.

This doctor used percogesic and versed (the drug that wires me). I'm kind of like a wide-awake drunk right now.

it looks like I may be stuck spending a second night here in The Big House. They don't seem to believe in Passover or matzoh. I had a rough time explaining to the nurse why sandwiches (all they serve midday) were not a viable option at this hour. Meanwhile, I'm desparately awaiting a diet Coke to battle what feels like a mild caffiene-withdrawal headache.

Having Internet access from the hospital rocks. I feel way less isolated. I just wish Lady could IM me with more than giberish. :-)
Tags: health
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