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Since it was requested, a doggie update.

Lady is doing great. The doggy steps I got her for the birthday were the Best Gift Ever! Instead of waking me up in the middle of the night with her "Muppet Dance," she now peers up at the bed while standing on her hind legs or just plain goes up the steps to join me.

I've been trying to teach her to not snitch "people food." The other day I made a sandwich, wrapped it up, and put it on my headboard. I then went into my computer room to boot up the desktop Mac. I quickly went back to my bedroom and caught her sneaking towards the sandwich. "People food!" I exclaimed. "Not for doggies!" She turned around and faced me. I then went back to the computer room and finished setting up the desktop Mac, then went back to my bedroom. She hadn't budged. I then rushed to get her a "Greenie" (doggie "bone" that helps their breath) as a reward.

Lady is also learning to function as a canine garbage disposal and kitchen cleanup unit. When I was making the cabbage and noodles, occasionally something would fall on the floor. Her job was to "clean it up." She did this well. The week before when I was making Ginger Pear Crisp for Mother's Day, Lady happily helped me "dispose" of the pear peels. There was one day last week when I was so fatigued I spilled her doggie food all over her pen. She "cleaned up" for me.

She also still pounces her dog treats and food. I can be amused for hours watching her play with a piece of dog food kibble.

She's learning. ;-)
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