Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

Weekend meme

Stolen shamelessly from browngirl....

Current Clothes A creamsicle-colored tank top, beige Dockers, white ball socks, black Reebok walking shoes.
Current Mood Numb, from being tired and sick.
Current Music CNN Headline News sports music
Current Taste Corn chips snarfed from the break room.
Current Make-up None.
Current Hair Pulled back with twin creamsicle-and-black barettes.
Current Annoyance My sinus infection.
Current Smell None; I have a sinus infection.
Current thing I ought to be doing Practical: Rewriting the Caltrain route cuts story. Artistic: writing more music.
Current Desktop Picture The Metro Source logo (probably where the computer came from).
Current Favorite Artist Don't have one.
Current Favorite Group Don't have one.
Current Book you're reading "All the Weyrs of Pern" by Anne McCaffrey.
Current CD in CD Player Car: "Something to Sell at My Gigs" by Tom Tuerff. Home: Nothing right now.
Current DVD in player DVD player? None.
Current Color Of Toenails pinkish-whitish (I don't wear toenail polish).
Current Refreshment Water from the water cooler.
Current Worry Making it through this shift without screwing up.

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