Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

What I wound up doing today

As y'all might have guessed, my brain and body kinda-sorta compromised.
  • Thought about Fr. John's party.
  • Had a not-so-fancy-but special brunch of pancakes (Bisquick Is My Friend) and freshly-ground coffee (only one cup -- I was good).
  • Went shopping with Warren to the bread outlet, Pet Club, Costco, and Nob Hill to pick up much-needed grocery items. This is a less nasty trip than it sounds; the bread outlet is around seven minutes away from home, Nob Hill is around a five minute drive, and Pet Club and Costco are next to each other in the same shopping center, around 2-3 minutes from home.
  • Ate dinner -- a hero made with lunchmeat from Nob Hill and a pasta salad I'd picked up at the deli counter.
  • Went back to bed and mostly rested.
I'm too fatigued to read; it took a couple of hours before I had the energy to put the laptop unit on my lap and type this. My TiVo is recording Dr. Who from the SciFi channel. I hate Dr. Who, but my friend Morris asked me to record it for him until he and his wife, Lonny, have settled into a place where they can get the SciFi channel (they expect to be living in a hotel that doesn't get SciFi for at least a month). Either later tonight or sometime tomorrow night I'll figure out how to get Dr. Who off my TiVo and onto my hard drive so I can burn it to DVD (suggestions are welcome).
Tags: health

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