Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

Father's Day

One of the nice things about having a boyfriend, especially one with two living parents, is you can "adopt" them on days like today. My father died in 1989, so it's been a long time since I did anything fun for Father's Day.

Today I am making dinner for Warren's folks.

The menu:
  • Chicken breast strips marinated in French dressing.
    It's a simple dish. You just take the boneless, skinless breasts, cut them into strips, and stick them in a zip-top bag and add enough French dressing to coat. Put the bag in the refrigerator for a few hours, then either roast (bake) or broil. It's foolproof. The advantage to using strips rather than whole breasts is when three of us have smaller appetites and one doesn't (Warren, of course), this allows folks to take as little or as much as they want with no guilt.
  • Orange cauliflower florets with browned butter and chive flowers.
    This is another easy dish that sounds way more fancy than it is to make. Separate and wash the florets from two small heads of orange cauliflower, then put into a microwave-safe zip-top bag. Nuke for six minutes. While nuking, melt half a stick of butter till brown and chop 5-8 strands of chive flowers. By the time the cauliflower is done, the butter will be turning brown. Put the cauliflower florets into your serving bowl, add the browned butter, toss to coat, check the seasoning (add salt and pepper to taste), then add the chives.
  • Scalloped potatoes.
    It's one of Warren's mother's specialties, and she's offered to make it. Alas, no recipe here.
  • Cheesy garlic herbed biscuits.
    I cheat a bit, starting with Bisquick's Cheese-Garlic mix. Instead of using milk or water, I reconstitute with buttermilk, making for a richer biscuit, and add one T of dried oregano and sometimes some extra garlic. They're always a hit.
  • Sugar-free chocolate lava cakes.
    Warren's father is a chocoholic. IIRC Diabetes runs on both sides of Warren's family. I can't afford to be rushing to bed after dinner. This is the recipe I'll be using, substituting Splenda for the sugar and using dietetic chocolate. I'll be serving it with a garnish of fresh raspberries, sugar-free white chocolate (if I remember to bring it), and sugar-free vanilla bean ice cream.
I'm tired as all getout right now, but I'm psyched about this dinner. His parents are thrilled. At the same time they don't understand that I enjoy cooking for them as much as they enjoy the effort-free dinner.
Tags: food

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