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Okay, so the con report is late...

...and short.

To quote bovil, "This was one of the best-run Westercons in years." I'm not just saying this because jbriggs is on my friends list, but because it was. I had a splendid time. if there were any nasty politics, I didn't feel them. That, to me, is a sign of a well-run convention.

People all around me seemed to be having a good time. The folks having the least-good time were the poor souls in the con suite when dealing with folks who were under the misguided impression that the con suite was there to feed them full meals. I gave high marks to the suite. They had something for just about everyone. For me it was the variety of diet sodas available. Being able to hydrate myself with something flavored and non-caffeinated that wasn't lemon-lime was a godsend. Finding munchies like hummus and pita bread wedges, cheese, and fruit to hold me over between meals was also a godsend.

I love southern California and the fen who live there. Getting to catch up with all the wonderful folks who were at the con was a joy. I tried typing in all the names, but it'd take at least half an hour if I were to complete the list, and even then i'd probably inadvertently leave someone's name out.

The con was weird because I actually slept at least eight hours every night -- sometimes more. There was one day where I had to order in room service for breakfast because I could barely get out of bed and had a panel and concert to do.

Despite my perpetual fatigue I got in lots of walking, a trip to Tijuana, and even wrote a new song. If you're at Worldcon this year I'll make sure to do it in my concert set.

Anyhow, I'm overdue for usual. Thank you again to everyone involved in putting on Conzilla.
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