Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold


  1. I'm going.

  2. I'm driving and can take at least one other passenger. If anyone is interested in riding down and back with me (I'm planning on leaving sometime the Monday before the con and going back the Monday after), please let me know here.

  3. Despite my having been in-your-face about it to half the world, and despite my being on the "confirmed program participants list," because somehow Rick Weiss didn't know I was coming (even though I had asked if he'd needed help with the filk track), I don't have a concert. Yes, I am very upset about this. If anyone has a suggestion as to how I can somehow cause a concert, complete with audience, to happen, please speak up. I don't want to be disruptive, but it's really hard to establish yourself as a performer when nobody sees you doing it.
Tags: filking
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