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Not the Con Report

I'll eventually finish my ConJose report, but not now.
I'm in one of those "quiet before the storm" periods. I just finished and mostly-finished two major projects for the day job, including the first real online help I've done in over a decade (they even liked it!).

Today the radio station was half packed up because they were putting in new carpeting for the first time in over 10 years. They also had no power for two hours. Seems the entire complex got screwed by a downed power line. That meant Michael Moore (the KRTY DJ), Nikki Medoro (morning news anchor), Vince Lopopolo (chief engr), Mike Dannberger (ass't chief engr/webmaster), and I were sitting around outside the building waiting for the power to come back on without having to smell the outgassing carpeting.

Eventually power came back, but we had to reprogram the automation computer. More specifically, I spent most of the afternoon overriding the automation because there was no time to fully reprogram it (and given that I could, it was understandably low priority on the engineers' list).

Last night I went over to Fred and Robin's to have dinner with dimakoi. Our schedules haven't coincided terribly well, and she was babysitting their kids so they could have a night out, so I brought dinner over (burritos from Una Mas). Her cat, Squeak, had died the night before. It wasn't unexpected, but that doesn' t make it hurt any less, especially when we both remember him as a kitten. The other main cats around the house seemed to be mourning him; they were also clearly playing dominance games.

Earlier in the day I went to Rosh HaShanah services with my friend Bruce. Bruce is my "go to services buddy." We're both dating goyim, so this works well. Warren had plans, but we at least were able to get ahold of Bruce's girlfriend, Shirl (also a friend of mine) for brunch afterwards. The three of us compared notes about ConJose and gossip. Two more folks we know lost jobs, several others are still out of work, and a few more were on the verge of being laid off.

Right now I'm at home with Lady in bed. It's nice. It's quiet. If I weren't so tired I'd put on some light music, but putting on light music would involve digging up speaker wire and hooking up my stereo system in the den or dragging out a stepladder and getting the portable CD player off the top of the refrigerator where Warren put it. Too much work right now.

If Warren were here I'd be putting on the TV to drown out Warren's TV watching. He favors action/violence/drama shows, which are the last thing I want to watch before I go to bed.

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