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Here we go again

Warren has Yet Another Neurosurgeon Appointment today. This one is in Sacramento, over two hours by car in good traffic.

We're both media-hounds. A year ago we were both working at the radio station, but neither was wanted for the 9/11 coverage. When something like that happens and you work in broadcasting, you soooo want to be where something is going on. To be excluded from the coverage because "the place is already overcrowded" sucks.

He's been flipping the dial in the kitchen this morning. He was even listening to Spanish radio (the Mexican-run stations) to see what they had to say (we both understand enough Spanish to get the gist of it). Everywhere is 9/11. I understand remembering and all that, but I agree with everyone else about the "jingoism masking itself as patriotism."

What's happened? We've had excessive restrictions on air travel instead of retraining passenger behavior (they used box-cutters, for heaven's sake, not guns, knives, or explosives! The airlines have lost business because it's now a major hassle to fly.

The economy was already in the dumper. This made it worse.

People died. Had their lives robbed from them. That sucked.

OTOH, those of us who didn't directly lose someone in the tragedy can't just sit here like effing idiots and wallow in pity. The ones who did have every right to mourn and should.

People like me need to make sick jokes about it. I admire drewkitty for his. Here's mine:

Q: What was the last thing to go through the terrorists heads after they crashed their hijacked planes into the World Trade Center?

A: About 75 stories of debris.

It's harder coming up with jokes about this than it was for the Challenger disaster, which was also godawful, but I feel we need to. Please leave any jokes here. If we can laugh, we've defeated Osama Bin Laden and his cohorts.

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