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Somewhat Quick Update

Got the new cell phones; Nokia 3360s, for those of you who are curious. Warren first thought the blue faceplate looked "girly," but his mother changed his mind on that. (Warren's mom is pretty cool when she's not spouting televangelism.)

Lady and I are getting a better rapport. I can now tell when she has to "go to the bathroom" before she fully realizes she does. The trick is to get her near her wee-wee pads when I realize this. The other day I let her off the bed to piddle, but Warren had put her back on before she could do her thing. Needless to say, I'm now sleeping on fresh bedding. :-(

I survived a birthday party for a 4-year-old, complete with jump house. My friend Bruce and I lasted about five minutes in the jump house the two times we tried it.

Yom Kippur passed.

Bruce and I survived. Bruce is my going-to-services buddy. He and I ran into our friend Tom and his daughter Heather both at the party and at services two days later. Tom's wife Sandy missed both. She had a foot infection that turned out to have mushroomed into mild blood poisoning. The doctors injected her with penicillin; this took care of the infection, but she had an allergic reaction. She's now exhausted (and I'm not surprised).

Bruce and I had brunch with his sweetie Shirl (before you ask, I suffer from reactive hypoglycemia and must eat on Yom Kippur to maintain my blood sugar level), who'd just had root canal done that morning. We then went to the Grocery Outlet nearby. I call the place "Mystery Canned Goods Warehouse" because the place used to be called "Canned Goods Outlet" and because what you find on the shelves changes each time, thus it's a mystery.

Each store in this chain varies in quality. The Berkeley one, for example, always strikes me as "grungy." This one, however, was much nicer. No surprise, given the neighborhood (lots of seniors and dot-commers).

cadhla, check this out!

One of the items I saw in the freezer had me in stitches: Pizza on a Stick. I kid you not.

I went home, getting gas on the way, then went back out to get groceries. I was going to try to make salmon on the BBQ, but by the time I had it in hand I was too tired. Instead, I made bow-tie pasta with unsalted butter, dill, and julienned smoked salmon. Mmmm....

One item I saw at Safeway cracked me up, given the day: Gentile olive oil. The kicker? It's Kosher.

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