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Eric Bogle: In Concert

I didn't expect to go last night, but Karen and Rilla from Windbourne talked me into it. Mind you, this was about as hard as talking me into picking up a $100 bill lying on the street.

What can I say? The man's a pro. He's great. In one rather unusual (for me) moment I kept poking at my eyes. You know the bit -- "Me, crying? Nah. It's just allergies or my sinuses." Eric was doing a song called "It's As If They Know" about horses who knew they were about to get killed the next morning by their longtime owners -- soldiers who had to go back to Australia but couldn't take them behind after WWI. Karen and Rilla passed the Kleenex; I passed on it, but eventually whipped out my own.

I don't normally cry during a concert, and this made me uncomfortable, but when everyone else was doing it I didn't feel as awkward. Gads, that man's good. He was fighting a sinus infection, too, but after chatting afterwards I learned he doesn't believe in taking antibiotics. I decided it was best to not bother him with home remedies (another guy was pushing a ton of vitamins) and instead just ask him about his tour.

Alas, he leaves the US in December and won't be back for another two years.

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