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Ladies' Day Out

Just as I was telling some of my comedian friends it'd been way too long since I've done anything just for fun, flower_cat phoned and asked if I would be willing to drive her to this week's Britex sale. I said "yes" and took today off from work to go.

I arrived at her house just after 9:30am, and due to heavy traffic we got to San Francisco around 11am. flower_cat made a beeline for the 4th floor to look at the remnants while I took the store at a more leisurely pace, petting the expensive fabrics as I went, eventually landing on the 4th floor.

I had planned on buying knits and cottons to make tops and broomstick skirts. Instead, I bought some light blue tropical weight wool to make a suit and two pieces of a flower print on blue silk -- enough to make a dress. flower_cat also got some really nice stuff.

Afterwards we did lunch at the Rotunda restaurant at Neiman-Marcus. They seat you and then bring you a little teacup of consomme with a little flaky cheese crescent on the side. Next comes the popovers with regular and strawberry butter. Yum! flower_cat had lobster bisque and a crab salad; I had the lobster macaroni and cheese. I wound up taking half of my food home and flower_cat was full so we opted to not have dessert.

That was fun!

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