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Work, headache, workout, headache, gig prep, headache...

My schedule keeps alternating busy with headache. Migraine headache.

It seems the bad air from the fires down south triggered my headaches. Every time the air quality sucks, my head hurts. Eeeyow.

I've been pushing myself to work out. I managed to get to the gym Monday before BASFA and Thursday evening. Friday my co-workers and I went to lunch and then went go-karting. Going around lots of curves really fast on the track got me carsick, so I opted to go home rather than go back to the office and consume wine and beer.

Today my arms are sore.

Despite the head stuff, I'm in pretty good spirits.

What has kept me too busy to post (besides writing like a madwoman for work)?
  • The earth moved, and I had to move my butt over to KLIV that night. My Official Marching OrdersTM are to "make sure [my] place is secured, then go to the station." I spent several hours making phone calls, writing up information, and cutting up sound for the folks who were on air.

  • Working out is tiring, especially when you're as out of shape as I am.

  • I have been helping a fellow comedian with her web site (see

  • I have my first real paying comedy gig on November 17th! I will be MCing the Laugh Track Online show with Grace White headlining and Beth Schumann as featured artist. I have been told there will be times in my career where I'll have to pump up the audience for an act I can't stand. Fortunately, this isn't one of them. Both of these women are very funny. I could go on and on about them and not do them justice. They're also really nice people.
I am resting now, and I'll be flexing my "comedy muscles" tonight at the SFCC Clubhouse in the 6pm show (414 Mason, 7th Floor, San Francisco).
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