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This has not been my week.

The migraines have been back, and it's been "arthritis weather" on top of that. I was going to work out Monday and then go to BASFA; instead, I went straight home and into a warm bathtub and then bed.

Tuesday afternoon I got a copy of the poster for my upcoming gig. A couple of hours later I got e-mail from the booker saying the headliner had cancelled, so I'd been cancelled too. Grrrf.

My first paycheck from the new job finally arrived Wednesday, and I deposited it that day. Bank of America, however, wouldn't let me at my money till Friday morning. This made things even more stressful than they had to be.

Tonight, just as the guy in the earlier posting had said, it was made official: John Besh is not The Next Iron Chef. I was especially bummed because Besh took a big risk by making a swordfish dessert. I was also disappointed that they didn't show how the judges voted or give any idea of what the score was.

I still say Besh should be an Iron Chef. He's fun to watch. He is daring. He's fun (although, as Michael Symon remarked, he was unusually quiet during the battle for The Title). He's entertaining.

In any case, I'd like to see Besh with his own cooking show, preferably either with an audience or cooking with another chef. IMHO he's at his best when he's got someone to play off of.
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