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I got home from Silicon very late Saturday night. I barely woke up for work Sunday morning. I was exhausted and needed two rather large (double-sized) cups of coffee to jolt myself into "minty freshness."

In the middle of cup #2 the power went out at the radio station. There I was, seated in absolute darkness, fumbling for my various portable electronic doo-dads so I could generate enough light to fumble my way out. Just as I grabbed the last of them, the lights came back on, and there was lots of loud computer automation equipment beeping. The satellite feed hadn't recovered, so I kludged CNN Headline News from the TV audio until it did.

The automation computer, however, was hosed. I couldn't program it back into submission, so I called our Ass't Chief Engineer. He came in and couldn't program it back into submission because none of the keyboards for the automation system worked. I therefore had to be extra alert because I was totally overriding the computers.

As if that wasn't enough, when I went to record stories for the next day the tape cartridge recorder started smoking. We're talking burnt plastic smell.

I collapsed after dinner, but the caffeine from earlier has kicked in, and now I cannot sleep. I'm in that "too fatigued to sleep" stage, and even weirder, I'm craving french fries, which normally I'm not fond of. Warren just came in with some frozen ones I can make from Safeway (what a saint!).

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