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Now she posts about Consonance!

Due to my new day job requiring most of my energy, this is going to be relatively short compared to what I'd like to say.

First of all, chirosinger and musicmutt were delightful guests. Their friends Chas and Bonnie were also delightful. I've known both chirosinger and musicmutt separately for a bunch of years, watching as they went in and out of relationships, but this is the first time I'd seen them together. They are soooo right for each other. Chas and Bonnie are also a wonderfully tight couple. I got to bask in the combined chemistry that comes from them as I drove them around Thursday and Friday and we did the backstage tour of the Winchester Mystery House. chirosinger presented me with a lovely thank-you note and a scarf she'd made for me that even went with one of the outfits I'd brought for the weekend! Had I had more time with them there were a couple of hobby shops I'd have taken them to for things like yarn and model railroad gear.

Summer and Fall and SOs were wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed Summer and Fall's concert, complete with huge amounts of musical instrument changes. Even more fun for me was the Harmony Workshop which culminated in choral singing of two pieces. I can sight sing and always jump at the opportunity to do so. When I found out they read music I drafted Summer, Fall, and "Winter" (Eva's husband Rafael) for a couple of songs in my concert. They were very fast learners. Kristoph Klover already knew the tenor parts, so I had a quartet with me for "Winter on My System" and "Gonna Buy Me a Whale." Had I had more time I'd have bought them a copy of "Color Me Beautiful" because they had no idea they had picked out their "seasons" according to that book.

What can I say about quadrivium? The woman amazes me. She was a first-rate toastmaster, putting on a good show the whole con (not "just" during her concert) and keeping the energy level up. I regret I didn't get to spend much time with her.

judifilksign was a lot of fun. I had asked her in advance of the con about signing my set. I did make sure she got to see whatever lyrics I could rustle up in advance. This wasn't a "stump the signer" but a "let's put the signer through her paces" concert. I was bummed out that Harold Groot wasn't there with his video camera because he missed some choice moments. Her interpretations of "Road Kill Cafe" and "Grandma's Training Bra" were YouTube-worthy. I hope to get to perform with her again sometime, preferably sooner than later.

Our Interfilk guest, Carl Thiel amazed me most of all by asking me to join him in his concert for two numbers. I was ecstatic. I'm usually so busy running things there are folks who don't know I can even sing, let alone sing with others, or that I like to! He writes wonderful songs, made "El Kabong" (my spare guitar) sound gorgeous, and I got to help him sound even better by singing harmony with him. W00t!!!
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