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The Latest With Me

Sunday night I had an awkward happening; a part of my suture from my injury popped like a zit, complete with white pus (eeeuw). My plastic surgeon is out until May 5th, so Monday I had to rush in to see the guy who is covering for him. The verdict: I have "spitting stitches." It means the "dissolving" stitches below the surface of my skin aren't dissolving. Instead, my immune system is rejecting them, quasi-dissolving them, and pushing them towards the suture because it's "the fastest way out."

The weirdness going on in the injury area might explain the migraine.

Today it's raining. I wanted to go work out this evening, but when I heard thunder as I was about to head out of the house, I decided a swimming pool wasn't the safest place to be. I also didn't feel like driving the new car in a "first rain" with all the folks who seem to forget how to drive in the rain, so here I am at home. Even Lady hasn't felt like budging.

Pesach has been rather awkward because we've got a matzoh shortage in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am having to make do with matzoh ingredients like cake meal, matzoh meal, and half a box I found lying around in my cupboard with the inscription "Kosher for Passover." Under the circumstances, it's the best I can do.

I am also due to make another couple of Mad Scientist In The Kitchen posts.
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