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Well isn't that just lovely

Warren and I had Yet Another Neurosurgeon Appointment today.

The head guy at Kaiser Sacramento turned down his surgery, claiming there's no pressure being put on his brain by the cyst. He was unable to explain why Warren has Jacksonian Epilepsy or why his eyes work better and he's able to think clearer after a foul-tasting fluid drains down the back of his throat.

The only way the doctor would even consider surgery is if Warren is able to collect that foul-tasting fluid into a cup and get it tested. If the fluid contains a specific enzyme, then he might consider operating, but only to keep the cyst from draining -- not to get rid of the excess fluid, which is what Warren needs.

Catching this fluid is about as easy as catching a post-nasal drip that doesn't want to go down your nose. He has two cups, but we don't know how we're going to get the ick into them.

It is now time to go outside his medical plan to a surgeon who is not being held back from treating Warren's arachnoid cyst. If anyone in the SF Bay Area has a favorite non-Kaiser surgeon (we figure anyone from Kaiser who hasn't already seen him will turn him down automatically), I'd appreciate names.

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