Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

Bernie Ward and the porn charge

Bernie Ward is a colleague. I've met him once in person, and I've worked with him on the air countless times.

I am also a reporter for one of the competing stations in the same market.

That said, since many folks are wondering about my view on the whole controversy, here it is.

I do occasionally come across porn in my radio work. Whenever I've done so, I've made sure my management knew exactly why I surfed onto a pornographic web site during work hours. Usually it's been in the form of "some local legislator or business let their domain registration lapse and a porn site grabbed it up." I obviously have to check the link to make sure it's real. Most of the times I've done this I've called over the station's owner so he could see for himself what was going on. Granted, I don't understand the appeal child porn. If I want to see a naked male, I want to see an adult, and I don't want to see him "doing it" with other women or children (eeeuw). Old issues of National Geographic work just fine, thank you!

I saw some of the transcripts in the Ward case. My first reaction was to think, "Bernie, you idiot, when an online dominatrix asks for pictures, she's not asking for pictures of other adults with children, she wants pictures that are allegedly of you so she can start cutting you down!" While folks may want to come down on her, while prostitution is illegal in every state except Nevada, there's nothing illegal about being a dominatrix. If Bernie was really doing research for a book on hypocrisy, he'd have had notes or would have told someone else involved with the book, such his publisher or editor. He'd also have covered the heck out of his butt whenever dealing with any kind of porn. He didn't.

That said, I don't agree that possessing or distributing child porn ought to be illegal, but doing the sexual acts to a child that create such porn ought to be (as opposed to using Photoshop to create it, which IMHO is art, albeit disgusting art).
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