Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

Magandang Tanghal! Bayan

That's the name of the TV show I'm watching right now. It's from the Phillippines, and it's hysterical. They mix game show stuff with alleged entertainment. I just finished watching a song and dance number that focused on a young male singer wearing an orange bandana "pirate-style" with black vinyl tank top and matching black vinyl pants lip-synching to an off-key version of "Jingle Bell Rock." The background dancers were amazing, doing backflips and stuff, but they kept focusing on Mr. Off-Key. Then three other guys wearing the same outfit but different colored bandanas walked out and all four took off their vinyl pants to reveal white cotton boxer shorts. Really weird stuff. This was just the beginning of the show. It gets weirder, but I'll miss it because I've got to shower and then get to work by the time it ends.

The show is in Tagalog, but Tagalog doesn't have words for half of the stuff, so they substitute English. This means you hear, "Blah, blah, ah-long tao, condensation of water" as a question and the answer being, "evaporation." When nobody gets a question, you hear, "I'm sorry, time is up" in American-accented English. The whole show is like this.

The game show portions change every few weeks, so you never know what kinds of games they're going to play. One time they were dropping slime and flour all over the contestants and there was a lot of product placement.

Anyhow, it's time to boogie!

More later....

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