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Not-Fun and Not-Games With Computers

egoldberg sent me this fascinating link about the design of the current MS Office "ribbon" (the new UI). I respect their work, but at the same time I strongly disagree with the premise on which it was started. The premise on their end was that the UI was keeping people from getting to the features. I say it was the lack of good documentation that kept people from getting to the features. People won't go looking for features they don't know are there, and at the same time MS Word still doesn't do things I want it to do, such as correctly handling numbered lists (don't even get dimakoi started on that one!).

I am still waiting for Big Gay Al to come back from the shop. This is driving me nutty. I've done benchmarks on both my old and my new laptop, and oddly enough the new one comes back nearly 2x as fast as the old one, save for some stuff with the GUI. Weird. I don't know why the new computer still seems slower, but it does.

I wound up having to totally restore the new computer from ground zero. I'm still restoring it. I am hoping the shop gets the logic board for Big Gay Al in so I can finally be fully computer functional again.
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