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I physically feel like I used to in high school

This is Not A Good Thing.

One of my nicknames in high school was "Rudolph" because my nose was perpetually red. I used to get horrid sinus infections every month that were more regular than my menstrual periods. The way I'd rate the infection was by how many boxes of tissues I was going through per day. If I were on the east coast today would have been a "two box" day (I'm hypersensitive to cold).

They wanted to put a photo of me in the yearbook where I was holding my purse in one hand and a huge box of tissues in the other. That was the way I had to walk around school. Yesterday I awoke with a sore throat; by the end of the day I had so much trouble breathing I had to sleep sitting up and opted to not eat latkes because I didn't think I could get them down. I was walking around the house with a box of tissues that is now 3/4 gone.

This morning I couldn't do my neti-pot flush because my sinuses were so swollen. All day I was travelling around with a box of tissues -- first to the vet because Lady is ill (the vet thinks she's got seasonal allergies), then to my own appointment with my ENT, then to get various meds and supplies. Instead of hauling my purse, I had a plastic grocery bag I was using as a tissue receptacle.

Just like in high school, my nose has already started turning red. Now that I'm medicated to within an inch of my life I might actually get some sleep. Last night I slept sitting up because I couldn't breathe any other way.
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