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The song I wrote this weekend

For those of you who weren't at Conflikt (or weren't at the "scramble band" concert), here are the lyrics to the song my band did.

Let’s Get Miserable Together
Copyright © 2009 Lynn Gold

Right now I’m in a lousy mood
My muscles that smile are sore
But if I do the opposite
I’ll overwork the other sixty-four
I can’t stand cheerful people
Not that I should complain
But since misery loves company
I thought perhaps you’d like to do the same

Let’s get miserable together
Spend our time bringing each other down
Let’s get miserable together
A frown is just a smile turned upside down
Let’s get miserable together
Moan and whine and kvetch the whole day long
Let’s get miserable together
‘Cause that explains the purpose of this song

I hate it when the sun is bright
Especially when I’m asleep
I hate it when the rain falls down
Precipitation’s nasty when it leaks
Children who scream in airplanes
While kicking in my seat
Airlines nickel-ing and diming us
Yet never serving plastic food to eat

[insert Chorus]

Why must the cat hork on my brand new carpet?
Why did the dog use my floor?
They weren’t even my dog or cat
Come here and take them; they’re yours!
Why must someone take the seat in front
Who’s taller than six-foot-three?
Why must there always be someone else
Who’s better at something than me?

[Instrumental solo with me giving dirty looks at the soloist]

When someone takes two parking spots
And I can’t find any place
Why won’t someone design a thing
That lets me blast slow drivers into space?
Why is it no machine breaks
While under warranty?
And why must I have to write a song
To make you just as miserable as me?

[insert Chorus]
Tags: filk

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