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Medical fuu

Today I went to the lead Worker's Comp doctor for a checkup. He said they got a letter from the Worker's Comp insurance company saying they didn't "approve of Dr. Lee." Neither the doc nor I had any idea who this "Dr. Lee" was that they didn't approve of. Tomorrow I have to call my agent and find out what they want from me now (rolls eyes).

I got home to find out that my upcoming sinus surgery is on hold because of my health plan. According to the gal at my ENT's office, "the insurance company will only approve one code at a time" and they won't schedule anything till they get the approval. The latter part makes sense, but the "only one code at a time" part is ridiculous. One of the things I need to find out is whether the blockage is related to the face injury (yes, it's possible). According to the forms, they can schedule the surgery when it is inconvenient for me, and if the operation date doesn't work and I balk, they'll charge me $75! Eeep.

According to the form faxed to me this morning, I have to stop all NSAIDs (read: no Ibuprofen) for two weeks before the surgery. One of the things I need to find out is how anal-retentive I need to be about this. Tylenol doesn't kill the pain in my jaw.

The one bright spot of the day: At the Worker's Comp doctor's office they tested my vision. It came out 20/15!
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