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Heater down and out

When PG&E screwed with my power they toasted my TiVo unit and the fan to my heater. Today I am getting it fixed -- I hope.

Yesterday I called a service in, but they kept shuffling their prices. First they wanted to charge close to $500 or $600 to fix a burnt-out fan, "or it's not much more to replace the whole heater." Their idea of "not much more" was around $1400; not my idea of "not much more."

I balked at their prices and had them down to $300 when Warren talked me into having them leave a written estimate and leaving. Warren had decided these people were losers and had me more or less kick them out because his father's heater had cost around $500.

Later his father said the heater had cost $4500 when combined with an air conditioning unit. AIEEE. The neighbor across the street said these guys had been talked down to a reasonable price.

Meanwhile, I'd already called the folks Warren's father had recommended. No matter what happens I'm now out another $95 minimum. Grrr....

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