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Home Alone

I just got back from my shift after a detour to Whole Foods. Warren wound up filling in for Terry, the guy who was supposed to relieve him. Terry showed up late and looked rather green around the edges...and in the middle....

Warren called the Powers That Be and got permission to fill in for Terry, provided he get his relief to show up early. Dave, his relief, agreed to show up at 6am. I really ought to see if Dave wants me to bring him anything. Dave has also bailed my ass out of hot water enough times, so I owe him one.

I fetched Warren and myself dinner (if you can call it that) from Wendy's. I had enough calories left over -- and a dry throat -- so I picked up some sorbet from Whole Foods, along with a few impulse buys:

  • a bunch of really thin asparagus (they'll be nummy when I roast them

  • a little bit of organic "yuppie chow" (baby greens salad mix) -- it was on sale at a very good price

  • a bag of six very large Russian Tea Cakes

  • a cup of peach and mint sorbet with champagne

  • a cup of green apple spice sorbet

  • a cup of apple caramel sorbet

  • a pint of lemon sorbet (it was on sale)

  • a pint of chocolate sorbet (I was out anyway, and it was on sale)

I also bought some ephedra-based tea -- doctor's orders -- and some oatmeal-in-a-cup for tomorrow at the station.

I got home, checked my messages, and found out Warren's parents had hoped he'd be by for dinner when he was stuck there all night. He asked me to call them for him, so I did. I also thanked them again for inviting me over for Christmas dinner.

I'm exhausted, yet I can't sleep. Today was extra hectic, and it's hard to come down when the shift is packed like today's. I had lots of sound coming in on various New Year's Eve activities, and there's a drunken guy who calls regularly who kept wanting to give me stories, but it was never clear what the story was.

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