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Much-delayed Baycon report

Short version: It wasn't the Worst Baycon Ever, and it was far from the best. Sometimes it's the folks attending the con that make it, and this was one of those times.

The bulk of the problems that plagued this year's Baycon seemed attributable to screwups rather than to malice. Several notable people and things were absent (besides the Author GoHs and Fan GoH):The "A Shot in the Dark" panel was so missed several folks took it upon themselves to make it happen, despite the objections of the person in charge of Programming. First it was supposed to happen on the mezzanine at 5:30pm Sunday. When we gathered we were told to go to one of the programming rooms. We went there and were told, "You can't use this room. If you wanted this item on programming, you should have talked to [the gal in charge of programming who didn't want the panel to happen]." Brilliant. fierynotes and trogula then offered their hotel room, so around 20 or 30 of us shlepped up to room 718. Just as things were getting started, someone was sent up from Programming. "You can't hold an open party on a non-party floor. You'll have to close the door." We were glad that was all they made us do! Suffice it to say it was the Best Panel Ever and was well worth missing dinner (and I'm hypoglycemic!) and a place for most of us to sit.

The number one line in conversation seemed to be "What are you reading these days?" It's been years since I've heard that as a conversation-starter at a con, even though IMHO it ought to be. I had interesting conversations with lots of folks that way, including some I'd never met before at places like the hotel sushi bar (which appreciated our vigorous business) and random places waiting in line. The best scheduled panel, IMHO, was the one that involved making liquid nitrogen ice cream. If nothing else, I now know where I can get my grubby little hands on a dewar of liquid nitrogen.

It was great seeing lots of folks I haven't seen in months or years, as well as those I see regularly. I could fill a page just listing them and even then I'd probably miss a bunch of folks. It wasn't great having a sinus infection (the same one I've had more on than off since December) during the con, which is why I didn't try to get a concert this year or even filk, for that matter.
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