Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold


Stolen shamelessly from karisu_sama....

Starting Time: 11/2/02, 11:11am

Name on birth certificate: Lynn Ann Gold

Nicknames: Lynn, Lynnie, FIGMO, a few I won't print here
Age: I do so daily; it beats the alternative.
Birthday: July 4th.
School: Graduated from San Jose State, but also attended Columbia University and a few other schools
Colour of eyes: Blue
Height: 5'2"
Shoe size: 7
Brothers/sisters: 1 biological brother
Who lives with you? A Bichon Frise named Lady who just turned 10 months old today.
When's your bedtime? Whenever I go to sleep.

Been so drunk you blacked out? Nope.
Missed school because it was raining: Snow, yes; rain, no.
Put a body part on fire for amusement: Eeeuw....
Kept a secret from someone: Yes. Many.
Had an imaginary friend? Yes.
Wanted to hook up with a friend?: By "hook up," do you mean "get together" or a "tighter" connection?
Cried during a movie? No comment.
Had a crush on a teacher? (Blush) Yes.
Ever though an animated character was hot? No.
Had a New Kids on the Block tape: Nope; they were after my time.
Been on stage: Many times.
Cut your own hair: Yes.
Been sarcastic? Who, me? Nah.... ;-)

Shampoo: John Frieda's Blonde shampoos
Soap: Dial liquid antibacterial
Color: Glittery stuff, white, and pastels
Day/night: Depends on what I'm doing
Summer/winter: Summer
Lace/satin: Satin
Cartoon characters: Daffy Duck or Lisa Simpson
Fave food: Anything spicy, pasta
Fave advertisement: Energizer Bunny ads
Fave ice cream: Coffee (in a hot fudge sundae), kulfi
Fave subject: Radio production, broadcast news lab
Fave drink: diet soda, iced tea, single malt scotch, a good wine or beer

Wearing: night shirt, underwear
Hair is: down
I'm feeling: tired
Eating: nothing at the moment
Drinking: raspberry herbal iced tea sweetened with Splenda
Thinking: How did I wind up originally posting this meme when I hadn't finished it?
Listening: SNL on the TV
Talking to: No one

Cried: Yes
Worn a skirt: No
Met someone new: Yes
Cleaned your room: Yes
Drove a car: Yes

Yourself: Sometimes
Your friends: Sometimes
Santa Claus: No. They never explained how he got into houses that didn't have chimneys.
Tooth Fairy: Not since Dad died (because he was the Tooth Fairy; I peeked :-) )
Destiny/Fate: Not sure
Angels: No
Ghosts: I believe in spirits
UFO's: Yes

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Boyfriend
Who have you known the longest: My friend Katie in NJ
Who's the shyest: Hmmm...depends on the situation.
Who's the weirdest: If I were to name only one, everyone else would get offended.
Who do you go to for advice? Friends and trained professionals.
Who do you cry with: My dog.
What's the best feeling in the world? Happiness
Worst feeling: Depression / despair

Finish time: Sunday 1:00am

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