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Throat Still Sore....

I only slept two hours last night because my throat was so sore and dry it kept me awake. I kept drinking fluids to no avail.

Tonight I ate a lot of sorbet.

First Warren and I went to Colonel Lee's Mongolioan BBQ, an all-you-can-eat deal of simple Chinese fare where you pick out the meats, veggies, and sauces and then hand them to the guy at this grill that looks like a very large manhole cover. He uses a metal pole-thingy to fwap the mixture around the manhole cover grill until it's cooked, then uses the pole-thingy to scoop the whole thing into a bowl so you can take it back to your table and eat it.

Colonel Lee's has soft vanilla ice cream as part of the deal, but Warren wanted something a little better and I wanted sorbet for my throat. I talked Warren into going to the gelato place across the street and down a block. We both had half-and-half cups with blackberry cabernet and strawberry champagne sorbets. Yum!

I was still in a sorbet mood with a sore throat, so I had some more sorbet when we got home. I finished my Haagen-Dazs lemon and then started in on the Cascadian Farms organic lemon. IMHO the Haagen-Dazs was better because it was a truer, more sharply-flavored sorbet. The Cascadian Farms sorbet was cloudy and had ingredients like guar gum and carob bean gum which made it look more like ice cream. It didn't taste bad, but I really wanted palate-cleansing sorbet, which is what the Haagen-Dazs is.

I also made sure I took my meds. If I don't feel any better tomorrow I'll call my ENT and tell him. Warren thinks I ought to take a sleep aid. I might as well; I don't have to be up till it's time to pick Diana up from the Amtrak station. That's in about 12 hours, so I guess I have time to sleep, clean up, dress, and get there.

It seems like anyone who does on-air work at the station is sick right now. We were musing about how to prevent viruses from spreading via shared mikes. Antibacterial sprays are a waste of time because viruses aren't bacteria. Even if they were effective, they tend to come with scents that set off some folks asthma (like mine).

Story of the day: Starting January 1st, San Mateo County is sending "documentation" to parents of babies born in the county. It's some kind of "parenting kit" that includes informational brochures, a video, and a phone list. The whole thing had me giggling at the thought of babies coming with instructions on how to raise them.

This is the kind of weirdness that tends to inspire my songs. If there's a song in this one, it isn't yet hitting me. OTOH, I still have yet to finish the one about Ditto, the two-headed pig with three snouts (no, I am NOT making this up!!!).

Actually, half of the reason I haven't written "Ditto" is I'd like to avoid writing the song in 3/4 time because it starts sounding too much like my ballad "Morty the Lobster." Oh'll come to me when it wants to.

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