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I wish cookies were involved

Today at work I threw up.

I printed something off to read at home (wanting to get work done while avoiding puking on expensive equipment), and went home, where I threw up. Again.

I collected myself, then called my doctor. He prescribed an anti-nausea, anti-puking medicine (I don't have it in front of me, otherwise I'd tell y'all what it is). He also says if I'm still puking in two more days I need to call him.

Meanwhile I'm only pooping small amounts. I am concerned that things aren't going through my intestines as they ought to be. Yes, I'm getting lots of fiber. I've been mostly consuming fruits, whole grains, and yogurt. The only thing that seems to have stayed down today was some frozen Pinkberry yogurt I had as "dinner." (You know you need probiotics when the plain stuff tastes the best to you.)

I hope this isn't something more serious.
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