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Doing much better now

Every time I light that danged Yahrzeit candle I get all depressed. Uck.

Yesterday was actually a pretty productive day. I woke up too-early-for-my-comfort on purpose to get to San Jose 9-something-am to get my free flu shot, courtesy of the radio station. This is something the owner does for us every year, and it's a really nice gesture.

I set my TV alarm clock to wake me to the "Today" show, as I like waking to news, and the additional visual component helps jolt me out of a perfectly good sleep better than just audio. One of the features was Katie Couric interviewing Jerry Lewis.

Jerry Lewis appears fat because he's on prednisone for one of his ailments. This may sound depressing to some folks, but for those of us who've gained weight because of prednisone and have been told by our doctors "I've never heard of such a side effect," this was a major source of validation.

He told Katie when he was asked whether he'd still do the telethon, he said, "What do my looks have to do with it?" I was impressed again. The man had a cause, and dammit, he was going to work for that cause. Being fat doesn't make him less funny.

With Jerry Lewis behind me, I drove to San Jose, found the doctor's office, and went in. I got there at the tail end of the "shots brigade." My boss and the receptionist/traffic person were there. I chatted briefly with both, then it was time for my shot. The doctor, as always, was very nice and personable. I thanked him and was off.

Next, since I was in The Land Of Cheap Gasoline, I filled the tank at a nearby Arco. It wasn't the cheapest gas, but it was right there, a better-than-average price, and I didn't feel like driving an extra 10-15 minutes to pay 45 cents less to fill my tank.

I then ambled my way to work, stopping by McD's to treat myself to an Egg McMuffin to go. I don't eat them often, but I was up, needed a protein hit, and it'sIMHO the least-greasy of the alternatives.

I got to work a little after 10am. The place was dark. The receptionist's area was lit, as was the QA lab (its lone occupant has a school-age child), but I felt like I was in a ghost town. I asked her if she wanted coffee, but she declined, so I jiggered the pot to make myself a cup (the receptionist was elsewhere).

Within 20 minutes five people had come from out of nowhere looking for the guy who occupies the cubicle next to mine. Then he showed up. Turns out he was teaching a class they were all supposed to be at, but none of them showed up at the class and instead went to his cubicle. I think he scheduled the class to start before 10am -- before any of them were awake.

One of the people looking for him was my boss. We didn't chat much; he wasn't exactly awake, and neither was I, and I didn't want to show it. I made good progress on my work, got caught up on stuff, and eventually went home.

At home I made an "accidentally patriotic" dinner -- RED swiss chard, pork (the other WHITE meat), and baked BLUE potatoes. Warren was amazed my pork chops were moist and didn't need ketchup; I guess it's because I didn't bake them at 400F for 1.5 hours, but instead marinated them in apple juice and seared them on the stovetop in a nonstick pan till done, then served them.

The chard was easy. Wash and devein leaves, cut/break into smaller pieces, then put into a microwaveable Ziploc bag (but don't fully seal it) and nuke for 5 minutes. The potatoes came out extra nummy because I rubbed the outside with sea salt before baking.

After dinner I made a steamed chocolate sponge pudding. I'd found a can of it at a local yuppie grocery store. That was wonderful. We had it with scoops of vanilla frozen yogurt on the side, and I had mine with Essencia (orange muscat), a wonderful complement to chocolate I learned about when I worked at Oracle.

Eventually I lit Dad's Yahrzeit candle and then got dour. Warren lifted me out of that. I went to bed and slept soundly.

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