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Catch me if you can

I was looking at photos various people have taken of Consonance and other cons I've attended over the years, and somehow I manage to avoid showing up in their photo albums. I don't know whether I'm that ugly or unphotogenic or what, but it just seems to happen.

I first noticed this trend in college at San Jose State. When I was first taking TV journalism the running joke was how folks were going to appear on camera. Most of my classmates were hot on showing themselves, so our teacher got on everyone's cases about not appearing in pieces. I took this to heart as well, not showing up in any of my pieces the first half of the semester. Finally Darla took me aside and said, "You know all that stuff about `not showing up on camera?' Well, it doesn't apply to you. From now on I want you to have stand-ups in all your pieces."

Despite that, it was still a running joke that I somehow managed to not show up in photos. It still seems to be true today. I was looking over photos from a Consonance I chaired a couple of years ago and I wasn't in any of them. When I went looking for photos for my LJ icon I had to scrounge.

So consider this a dare: Catch me if you can. I bet you can't get a good photo of me and that's why so few exist.

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