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Another Unproductive Day

I first logged onto my work machine from home. It was a good thing I did; things were missing, so I was able to start fixing them. My system had to be "reimaged" (their lingo for "reinstalled") while I wasn't at work (I don't call it "vacation" because it was "forced leave of absence because we don't want to pay you").

When I arrived on site I discovered all but one of the utilities which were supposed to have been reinstalled hadn't been. I had a browser, but that was it. The guy who did the reinstallation felt I shouldn't have my root password (it's a Sun SPARC ULTRA 10) and changed it on me, so I called the Help desk and got it back.

I later discoverd my Netscape folders had been clobbered. GRRR. They had all the data I needed to do my work.

I got some of the information back from a co-worker, but the data files are missing and might not be recoverable. Damned IS idiots.

I brought my wireless headphones in to use with the ULTRA 10, but alas, even when I plug them in I still hear audio through the system speakers and not through my headphones. This sucks.

Right now I'm achey all over, and my throat is especially sore. All I want to do is sleep. I noticed there was a "quiet room" on the second floor of my building. Unfortunately, there wasn't anything horizontal to rest on other than the floor. I have my "car blankie" in my car; I'm toying with either napping in my back seat and hoping nobody notices or fetching it and going to the "Quiet Room" and napping. It's anybody's guess as to which would be less uncomfortable.

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