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The silence is peaceful

It's nearly 4am Saturday as I start to write this. I probably ought to be asleep, but I'm not. I don't have to be asleep right now. Earlier I had a headache and noise from outside keeping me up. Now it's just blissful silence, the muted tapping of my keys on the keyboard, and the gaze from my adorable puppy's black eyes. I keep taking breaks to enjoy the "view."

My ears are hypersensitive right now. I felt like writing music, but the sound of music is painful. I can barely tolerate the tapping of my fingers. I have the computer on "Mute" so I don't have to hear anything. As long as the noise level is low enough I'm fine, and right now it is.

With Warren over so much of the time I rarely get moments of solitude like this. I love him and all that, but I also love my privacy and "alone time." At the same time, having Lady with me makes the house feel "whole" instead of "empty." I enjoy this kind of time; maybe I don't want to sleep through it.

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