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I think I did okay:
  • I went to the gynecologist. Turns out I had to redo my pap smear. My blood stool test came out negative, a fitting way to go to my next errand....
  • I went to the dentist. Dad was a dentist; he died of colon cancer 13 years ago this month. The dentist I saw today was surprised to come across a patient who was more comfortable with the TV blaring the annoying soap opera off. I wanted to know what he was doing, and I detest soap operas anyway. He was gentle with my teeth, and they are now cleaned. He says I have a couple of cavities in my back teeth. When I know I have dental insurance I'll get them taken care of.
  • I went to Ralph's Smokehouse. Turns out they're only open till noon 12/31, so it was good I went. I got some shoulder bacon (like regular, only leaner), chicken-herb sausage, smoked salmon, smoked albacore, and lamb curry sausage. Yum -- and free.
  • I picked up dimakoi and we went shopping. I didn't find a coat that worked. She got money back from her Macy's gift certificate.
  • I helped her set up her Mac. This required lifting; it took both of us to move the monitor. Now if only she can find her modem....
  • I faxed the info for my new health insurance. Hopefully they'll call me to tell me they got it okay.
  • I made an appointment for 1/31 with the eye doctor (they don't see patients Mondays).
I put off mailing the check to the AKC because I can.

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