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GAFilk, Here I Come!!!

I've been given the chance to go to GAFilk for free. I'm taking it.

My flight info:


United Airlines 434, leaves Jan 09 11:00 pm from SJC (San Jose)
Jan 10 4:57 am arrive ORD (O'Hare/Chicago)
United Airlines 1258, leaves Jan 10 6:55 am from ORD (O'Hare/Chicago)
Jan 10 9:54 am arrive ATL (Atlanta)


United Airlines 1663, leaves Jan 12 5:56 pm from ATL (Atlanta)
Jan 12 7:11 pm arrive DEN (Denver)
United Airlines 1071, leaves Jan 12 7:50 pm from DEN (Denver)
Jan 12 9:27 pm arrive SJC (San Jose)

I decided on a red-eye because a) It's easier to get rides to the airport then and b) I'll be in Atlanta in time to enjoy the city a little before the con.

So...who wants me to bring goodies from California? What do y'all want?

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