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GAFilk Report, Part II

I didn't wake up till 10:20 my time. Unfortunately, that's 1:20 Atlanta time, which meant I missed both breakfast and Emerald Rose.

I showered and went out of the room to the main area. Matt Leger, Mary Mulholland, and I went to breakfast at Waffle House. It was good chatting with Matt again, and meeting Mary was great. She's cool. This unfortunately meant I missed jhitchin's set and much of sdorn's set, but I had to eat (hypoglycemia does that to you).

After breakfast we returned to the hotel, and I made contact with Gerry Tyra. We went back to my room and rehearsed "Poetry's Greatest Hits, Volume II" with Teri W.'s hats she loaned me (thus making her an accessory to the crime) and Gerry acting as propmaster. Gerry has seen the routine more than anyone else, so he was the obvious person to do it. I ironed and donned my graduation robe, grabbed the laptop unit, and I was set.

They drew names, so I wound up after Teri in the 10th position. The piece went off without a hitch and seemed to get lots of laughs. Afterwards I got out of the robe, returned the hats to Teri and the laptop unit to the room, and joined in on the quilting, making a Consonance square with a purple satin "bridge" with gold edging on a starry background, all while listening to the rest of the 2x10s. The ones that stuck in my head the most were the ones by spiritdance and her husband and the one by adamselzer, who did one song with Ben Newman and another with surrdave on trumpet.

Eventually it was time for the banquet. That was fun. I got a good seat to see what quadrivium was doing. It amazed me that here was this trio of her, a bass player, and a drummer putting on a show and people were talking through it! Our table, which included Bob Asprin, autographedcat, kitanzi, and adamselzer watched appreciatively. She's good. They were all good. (Dang. I'm jealous.)

quadrivium and I had hoped to have a chance to see if we could hook up my mini-synth (the PMA-5) to hers, but she and a few other folks were recording something till I-don't-know-when, so it didn't happen.

Next was the GOH concert. I continued doing the quilting square during it. Just before the concert Carla Ulbrich showed up. Next Sherman announced Carla needed a roommate. Given my finances I immediately offered, figuring my also-cash-strapped roommate couldn't possibly object to a third person in the room, especially if the third person shared my bed.

After the GOH concert I finally got around to visiting Dealer's Row, where I bought the one item I'd budgeted for ("Box of Fairies") and one item I hadn't budgeted for but couldn't resist (Bob Asprin's latest MythAdventures book, which I got autographed). There were lots of nice things being sold, but I had to hold back from buying them. There were also lots of CDs I haven't seen make it out to the west coast that I wanted to buy but couldn't afford. I felt terrible, especially since I normally like to try to patronize every dealer at a con. Finally I stopped at the con suite and hung out. Lots of folks were doting over Jan of the Magic Fingers' snake, Spot. He was an okay snake, but I'm not a "snake person."

Eventually I made it down to the open filking where, yes, I wound up doing "Poetry's Greatest Hits" (the original) again because a few folks in the room had asked me earlier if I'd do it. A guy did a bunch of tunes to "Witch of the Westmoreland," which seemed the obvious place to follow with it. I also did "California Love Song," "Not the Man," and my infamous "Yak Butter" closer. To my right were the Three Weird Sisters. They're wonderful, too. I was amazed weirdsister remembered having met me at an earlier con, as I didn't think of myself as particularly memorable. the_gwenzilliad and ladyat also did some wonderful solo material, and I got to give the_gwenzilliad the CD I'd brought out for her from Macworld Expo, passing on the comments from the guy at Adobe.

I finally faded around 4am, went to my room, and crashed.

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