Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

Another thing to worry about

My period was due the day before GAFilk. I have been very regular since I moved into my house.

It's over a week later, and still no period.

Unless sperm fly, I am not pregnant.

I had a normal pap smear, so I don't think it's cancer.

That leaves only one other thing: What I euphemistically refer to as The Big M. Yeah, that.

I'm not ready for this! I haven't had a chance to "be fruitful and multiply!" Warren still hasn't found someone who will perform the surgery he so desparately needs, and he won't propose till after he gets it.

Several folks I've talked to think it's a combination of the stress of losing my job combined with having been on prednisone around the same time. I'm not sure. I've been having dribs and drabs of hot flashes, but nothing to write home about. The last time I had them my thyroid had been screwed up by a combination of prednisone and a viral infection (both of which I'd had), so I assumed the hot flashes were from that.

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